Software Developers Are Not All Created Equal

How can you tell if your software developer is doing a good job? It can be hard to tell if you’re not a developer yourself. Most people have no idea when they choose someone to design and implement a software program for them, if the person or firm they hire will do the job right.

Software Developers Might All Look the Same

Incompetent or inexperienced software developers charge the same amount as competent ones. They can easily be overlooked in a large team if everyone else is doing most of the work. They may contribute very little, but you end up paying the same amount regardless of the work contributed. If you are being billed for 20 hours of work, how do you know that your money was spent constructively?

When mistakes are made, the cost can go up, or the final product isn’t as good as it could have been. The reason for this is that in the event of a mishap, such as someone making a mistake (by a less experienced developer on the team), everyone else on the team has to compensate for the lack of competency from this person. Who knows, maybe without him, it would have been even better? Have you ever just watched someone work and thought, “That guy isn’t good at his job. Why is he even here?”

What Makes the Difference?

When you work with a smaller development team, there is less room for inexperience and incompetence. It is discovered quickly because the team is smaller, and everyone is expected to pull their weight. If they don’t, they are dismissed. Small software firms are often referred to as a “boutique firm,” but don’t let that fool you. A smaller, tightly-functioning organization focuses more on customization and is more likely to come up with a custom-made software program that will suit your needs and budget perfectly.

Also, when you work with a smaller team, you communicate directly with the person in charge who will be leading the team and overseeing their progress. In this case, nothing is lost in translation, and everyone knows what is expected, and what their contribution to the project will be. In this situation, there are fewer mistakes, if any. You may even pay a little less and end up with a software design that perfectly fits the vision you had in mind.

Even if you already have a design from your own in-house development team, we can help you organize your process flow to develop a better software program. If you are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable software developer, get in touch with us today. Schedule a strategy session and let’s discuss your business needs.

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